Making Solid Tracks: North Korea’s Railway Connections with China and Russia

Last updated: 16 Days Ago

North and South Korea are moving forward with inter-Korean railway cooperation as a key engine for advancing inter-Korean reconciliation and building the infrastructure for eventual unification. These projects will all be costly and time intensive.

Tutorial: How to Navigate Public Reports

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Part 2: Ore Car Activity Up at Wonsan Railway Rolling Stock Complex

Last updated: 57 Days Ago

Update on North Korea's largest railroad rolling stock manufacturing and repair facility.

Modernization and Expansion Project at the Korean People’s Army Fishery Station No. 15

Last updated: 125 Days Ago

The fishing industry’s critical role in North Korea’s economy, particularly its foreign currency earning operations, led to a series of international sanctions on North Korean seafood.

Wonsan Railway Rolling Stock Complex

Last updated: 198 Days Ago

Activity around Wonsan is likely to be a leading indication of inter-Korean joint declaration progress given its role both in the eastern transportation corridor and the national economy.

Developments in North Korea’s Sinuiju City under Kim Jong-un

Last updated: 217 Days Ago

In order to help establish his long-term legitimacy as leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un has implemented numerous large-scale public works campaigns to raise living standards for targeted constituencies across the country.

Across the Tracks: North Korean Railcar Manufacturing and the 2018 Inter-Korean Agreement

Last updated: 223 Days Ago

Connection and modernization of railways in the Korean peninsula's eastern transportation corridor is a declared step within the historic April 27, 2018 joint declaration for peace, prosperity, and unification.